Praise from Our Authors

Brigitte Mars, A.H.G.

I have published two books with Inner Traditions. I feel that Inner Traditions has done a beautiful job with both books, keeping my message true and giving me the artistic freedom to produce something inspiring. I have also been well supported in marketing and publicity with Inner Traditions for these important works and am most grateful.”

Thom Hartmann

“Inner Traditions is one of my very favorite publishers (and I've had over a dozen over the course of 25 or so books). They are responsive, thorough, care about the works they publish, and work with authors to make books succeed. I far prefer working with IT to any of the "big" NY houses I've known in the past where "my editor" changes every few months; I've been working with Ehud and Jon at IT for many, many years! This is THE publisher you need!”

Ervin Laszlo

“What I appreciate about Inner Traditions is that it lives up to its name. It respects, indeed it lives, its ‘inner traditions,’ and by this I mean not only the traditions of the great wisdom cultures, but the traditions of the art of publishing. It is a rare pleasure today to find a publisher who has a moral and intellectual commitment to the message his books convey, and not just with how much they sell. This unique privilege is the reason why I in turn am committed to Inner Traditions and to Ehud Sperling, as my publishers, allies, and trusted friends.”

Joscelyn Godwin

"The wealth and weight of Inner Traditions' catalogue reassures us that for many people, the New Age has already dawned. More than that, by publishing authors of perennial value like Schwaller de Lubicz and Julius Evola, Ehud Sperling has earned the gratitude of readers not yet born.”

Amy Z. Rowland

“When I researched potential publishers for Traditional Reiki for Our Times, I deliberately looked for an independent publishing company that had international distribution and was committed to keeping its books in print. I was so pleased to find the people at Inner Traditions, who are genuinely friendly, patient, and caring, as well as being committed to supporting their authors with excellent distribution and a solid back list. A dozen years and four books later, I'm still very happy to be an Inner Traditions author. I am grateful to everyone on the Inner Traditions staff!”

Timothy Wyllie

"From what I know of writers and publishers, it's a rare thing to be so beneficially matched. I was thrilled with the beauty and the quality of the production values. My editor made the text shine. I had always hoped to work with your publishing house as I've long admired both your choice of authors and the elegance and intelligence of the books you produce. Thank you."

John DeSalvo, Ph.D.

"Inner Traditions goes beyond what any publisher would do to produce high quality and magnificent looking books. In my opinion, they have the best editors in the business. They leave no stone unturned in producing the best book possible. I am honored to call Inner Traditions my publisher."

Rick Strassman, M.D.

“Inner Traditions has been a great publisher. They have taken on controversial and difficult-to-niche material with my books, and run with it. I particularly like their philosophy of keeping books in print as long as they are selling. The staff members are professional, skillful, friendly, enthusiastic, and efficient. They have created, nurtured, and seen to maturity a unique market.”

Scott Creighton

"I am very excited about The Giza Prophecy and I am also pleased at how well Inner Traditions Bear & Company have managed the journey for us. Wasn't easy at times but my goodness it was worth it! What a fabulous publishing house to work with!"

Julie Tallard Johnson

“I just have to say what a joy it is to be an author of Inner Traditions. The editors are brilliant but kind, the books you put out are beautiful. The acquisitions editor, Jon Graham, is a gem. I have become a stronger writer because of all of you. I am looking forward to some books that are coming out on writing, and on the sacred art of storytelling. Thank you all!”

Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D.

"I am proud and delighted that Inner Traditions is the publisher of my new book, The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine. A great publisher, with a great big heart!"

Avery Morrow

"I am grateful that Inner Traditions/Bear & Company brings unique and meaningful books to press every year and I am overwhelmed to be included among these ranks."

Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, NTP, BCHN

"I am deeply grateful for the hard work and dedication of the amazing, energetic and passionate staff at Inner Traditions/Bear and Company (Healing Arts Press). What an amazing, kind, talented group of people. I can’t wait to have dinner with each and every one of them someday."